I arrived at the airport to head home a little after six this morning. Thinking I'd get through security promptly and enjoy a cup of coffee once through. Instead I found everyone lined up at the doors, police on the inside of the airport, not allowing anyone in. We stood for about 25 minutes, no one knowing what was up.

People around me were starting to get tense muttering that they were going to miss their flight. Flight crews stood outside with us. I pointed that out to the agitated near by.

Calm, breath and stay in the green zone.

Soon the airport employees were allowed in. The rest of us waiting until we were given the the signal then they stampeded to the doors to check bags. I hung back choosing the curbside guys. Practicing zen and staying in the green zone. Calm. I knew I had plenty of time and that the airlines wouldn't just leave if all the passengers were still trying to check in.

Calm , breath and stay in the green zone.

TSA was fine, moving well but that still frustrated the folks that felt they were late.  I had a man jump in line ahead of me. I was not offended as I have been that person in the past- in a hurry to get through security. "Gotta get there! Get out of my way!" The loud mental thoughts emanating from him.

Calm, breath and stay in the green zone.

There was a TSA dog working the line. A good looking black lab. His handler was pretty easy on the eyes too, but the dog had me, as he did with most of the people in line. He sniffed everyone who walked past in the security line, pausing a bit longer at one bag but it finally passed his nose inspection.

I was almost at the ID point in the line when there was a great shout from the dog handler and then the area filled with a squeaky toy being abused by a very happy dog. Break time for the lab. He played with his toy as the line waited for him to enjoy his reward for a good shift.

I think the shout gave us all a start, TSA officers included. Once we saw that it was doggie play time a collective sigh went through the line. All was ok in our world right now. 

Calm, breath and stay in the green zone. All is good. 

And the guy in a hurry to get through security, he was still a head of me waiting for his bag to be x-rayed. Still anxious and living in the red zone. His flight hadn't even boarded yet.

Calm, breath and stay in the green zone, especially when traveling.