Yesterday morning I was awakened with a leg cramp. These used to be common in my life, though they have all disappeared since I started taking methylated B vitamins.

So, I thought nothing of the cramp that I had at 3am yesterday morning. When I got up, it was not bothersome, I could walk fine. I know the muscles were most likely still knotted but they didn’t hurt. Until 5 pm that is. 

I was out walking the dog, when the muscle cramp came back with a vengeance. So much so and so fast that I fell down, my legs going down in a heap. Harvey, my golden retriever licking me on the face wondering what was wrong. I slowly stood up and discovered that my foot wouldn’t straighten out. I limped home on one tip toe feeling very sore in my right calf. 

Heat and ice for the evening, limping, really shuffling, around the house. The night passed with no more new cramps and morning saw a bit of improvement: I can put my foot flat on the floor when I walk.

I pulled out my “cane” - a short walking stick that a great uncle made me decades ago. I was in my thirties when he gave it to me. At the time I thought he was being silly when he offered it to me. Uncle Bob carved canes and walking sticks as a hobby. He had a whole bin full, giving them away gave him happiness. Going through I had to find one that suited my height. I took it home and put it in the closet.

The first time I had to use it I sliced open a good sized gash on my knee cap that required several stitches. Now stitches on the knee cap limits one’s ability to bend the leg, much less negotiate steps. Try going up or down a step without bending one knee, a bit difficult. 

Into my life comes Uncle Bob’s cane. People would look at me, youth in appearance I was then, walking with a cane. It made all the difference in mobility. Stairs were no longer an impediment. I used the cane until the stitches were removed.

Today, it’s a help since my gimpy muscle wants to work only sometimes. As I walk around the muscles are slowly relaxing, but slowly it is. 

Thank you Uncle Bob for your lovingly made cane and the usefulness it has when it is needed. Sometimes gifts come to you when you don’t think you need them. It’s only later that you will think of the gift and it’s usefulness in your life. Maybe it’s hiding in the back of your closet.