Today, I gave a gift to someone who didn’t expect it, didn’t ask for it and in fact, I have never met her face to face! We are friends on Facebook, tied together by lifestyle changes we both are making to improve our lives and stay healthy. 

Sheila has been semi-public about her struggles, blogging them regularly on a forum that I follow. The other day she mentioned her ego and an image of her ego popped into my mind. So I drew her, the ego that is. Then, I sent Sheila a photo of the illustration. 

Her reaction blew me away! She was so happy! She loved it! 

I had been hesitant, worried that I might offend someone I have never met. Instead, she was over the moon and shared the image and the story. 

The long and short of this little narrative: it makes you feel good to give a gift out of the blue where none is expected. To make someone happy: that is it’s own gift. 

Give someone something today, without being asked to give! Even a smile, you never know how you will improve their day. 

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