Today I am having a platinum day off - mostly.

What’s a platinum day? It is a day when you dedicate the day to taking care of you. 

As an entrepreneur, I am super bad about taking days for myself. I work on the days I am at home, away from my retail store. Rationalizing the work as I am launching a new business and doing these blog posts - which I adore doing!

I learned about the different types of days off from my retail guru, Bob Negen. He learned about these from one of his mentors. It’s important stuff. And, I am paraphrasing here too. 

Silver day off: you run errands, clean the house, do yard work, wash the car, etc. 

Gold day off: family time, hiking together, going to the movies, etc. 

Platinum day off: it’s all yours, indulge, relax, turn the phone off, massage, nails, what ever, do it! 

It’s my birthday, I am off from work and my husband is taking me to have a massage and then to lunch. I’d sort of consider this a platinum day off. It has tarnishes of gold too, but I’m not looking too hard. A super date day with my husband that doesn’t involve going to Costco!

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