I have a leaf collection that changes occasionally over the years. It started shortly after I moved east to the Rocky Mountain states from Portland, Oregon about 16 years ago. Portland abounds in Japanese maples; that in the fall have the most glorious red leaves. I had a glass bowl full of the leaves for many years. Then the lack of humidity got them and they went to dust. 

I have a newish collection of local leaves that range in color from yellow to reds to brown. I love my leaves, they are a natural collection of color that reminds of the natural world. 

This is by way of getting you to notice what you have in your front yard maybe seem everyday to you but is special to someone else. Notice what grows in your neighborhood, how would it look if you didn’t see it everyday? 

What about that pile of old leaves in the corner? There’s still some color there I’ll bet. Rose hips on the bush - they should be reddish-orange right about now. High in vitamin C too! My rose bush has a few freezes dried blossoms on it still. 

Look around, take notice and find pleasure and gratitude for what is in your front yard. 

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