I had to water my plants the other day, it has been so dry here so far this winter. I grow my flowers in pots as the soil here is really not good for flowers. That and the fact that the rabbits and lizards will mow down anything green in early spring. 

While I was watering my garden as it is a metaphor came to mind, that we all expect great things to happen over night. We plant our acorn and want a might oak over night. Or maybe in a week. A good garden is like that too, it doesn’t happen over night. You need to pick the right plants, tend the soil, water and weed. 

Life is like that: plant the right seeds in the right soil and location. Then water, not too much at the wrong time either and weed. Eventually you should have a magnificent garden! 

Remember: it all takes time and effort. Plant your seeds for your life and tend them with care and love. You will have a harvest, a forest, a lush garden in due time. 

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