We had a storm move through the other night. As it usually does, it freaked Harvey, our golden retriever out. The wind makes lots of noise as it blows over the sky lights and around the parapets on the house. 

We get a fair amount of wind, just not strong wind. This one blew the bird feeders off their hooks. 

Then it started to rain - big heavy drops of rain that the wind threw against the sky lights and windows. It was on the noisy side. Harvey paced nervously around the living room, looking at me as if I could make it go away. 

Thunder he hates. We have come home from work and found the area rug that is usually in our closet, moved into the bathroom from his efforts to find a safe place to be out of the thunder. Bathrooms are this dog’s choice of a hiding place or our main closet. 

In the middle of the night, when most thunder storms pass through here, Harvey has begun to join us in bed. Up he comes, curls into a tight ball between us and is still as can be. About an hour after the storm has passed, he decides that his bed is safe and will return there. 

Houses that make noises they are not supposed to make a dog nervous you know!

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