I say fall colors and you most likely think of trees and the lovely leaves we all enjoy in the fall. In the late fall and winter months color for most of us living in the northern portions of the hemisphere becomes blah. Shades of brown or gray. Even places like Portland, Oregon, where there are large number of evergreen trees and plants, it still takes on a monochromatic overtone. 

Sometimes I miss the gray-green of Portland, other times not. I live with sunshine most of the year, which I love. But with all that sun comes dry. With dry comes a monochrome world. We are into shades of brown and sage greens. 

Shades of brown may sound a little blah, but you have to look and see what nature is offering you in this palette. It’s really quiet lovely. There are even a few subtle shades of pale greens. It’s always been a challenge of mine, to find color in seemingly monochromatic areas. 

For example in the tropics, where green abounds, it’s green. Varying shades of green, but green. The eye starts seeking a different color - be it in a bird, flower, or something else. 

Look at shapes, shadows, light areas and the deep shadows. What do you see? What is there in your environment that provides variation for the eye? Check out your neighborhood as you go to work, to school or on a walk today.

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