I have made some changes to my diet and health this year. These changes came about when 152 pound me (at 5’5”) was told I was a skinny fat person with 34% body fat.  This freaked me out. I have always been fairly active and worked out at the gym. True, maybe not enough in recent years, work claiming more time that I would like to admit. 

Then I met Bill Cortright, through Morning Coach (full disclosure here: I do subscribe to Morning Coach and am now in two mastermind groups with Bill). I went to see him at his clinic in the Fort Lauderdale area. It was the results from the physical that made me change my ways. 

I changed my diet and upped the exercise. Learning is a big part of the curve for the new me. 

One of the things I have learned from Bill is snap back. It’s why we tend to fail on diets, exercise and other regimes that we start on with good intention. Usually at 30 days, 6 months and 12 months your brain wants to go back to what was, it was so nice at that place. Your brain does’t get why you have to keep making things different than what it was. It’s hard to be good. 

I visualize this as being tied to the post of your life, Bill uses a cage for visualization. This post represents the way you have always done things. It’s comfy there, easy, no effort required, you know the boundaries, how far you can move before the tension on the band holding you in place becomes too much. With a post or cage, you can’t stray very far either. Stay in the norm. 

In setting goals, it’s helps to know that you will experience snap back - which is why I pictured it with a band rather than the cage bars. Same thing.

My six month challenge has hit at the holiday season. Costco is so hard to walk through, Trader Joes too, with all the seasonal cookies and candy! I love cookies. I can hear the brain cooing away telling me to eat a few, it won’t matter. Make it the cheat day. Buy the entire pumpkin pie, not the one slice, the whole pie. 

So far I have made it with a cheat day of a slice of pumpkin pie and another week I had two cookies. I am working on cutting that band that holds me to the post or in the cage. I know I will always have challenges, days when it will be harder than others to walk the grocery store. I am doing this one day at a time with awesome results!

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Bill Cortright:http://billcortright.com

Morning Coach: http://www.morningcoach.com

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