It’s the first day of the year - for many of us a symbolic time to start fresh, to start over, fill a new journal, just be a fresh face. 

What are you doing today to start fresh? What changes do you want to make in your life. How are you going to grow this year? What challenges will make you stronger? 

Have you set some goals that are measurable? Have a couple of goals that you can achieve by mid-year? You need a few BHAGs too! These are those Big Hairy Audacious Goals - goals that maybe seem just a bit too far fetched, but you’d love to achieve them anyway. Include one or two in your dreams and on your list. 

Measurable goals include things like “I will lose 7 pounds this year” or “I will run one marathon in September”. You get the idea - they have something that can be measured. 

Will you be creative daily? Walk 10,000 steps daily? If that’s too easy, join me in the 15,000 club! 

Fill your blank book with your dreams, goals and desires, then work on them. Let’s visit in a few months and see where you are!

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