I lost my gym mojo sometime last year. Partly because my husband lost his. He found his at a new gym. I gave the new gym a try and found that it did nothing for me. Just wasn't where I wanted to spend my precious time. Don’t get me wrong here, I love to work out and love even more how I feel after I have worked out. 

I have begun working out at home. Not too sure why, I have never been too good at it but I am on a streak right now. I even ordered some new equipment - could be called accessories- to make sure I continue the routine that I have been doing for several years with my trainer.  I have my eye on a couple of kettle bells to round out things. 

I will continue to see the trainer at least once a month - this is still cheaper than a full year gym membership! The assisted stretching that we have been doing is wonderful. Diligence is required on my part to make sure I do my stretching daily at home. 

What does stretching do? Keeps my back and core strong— I do sit ups and planks too. More importantly, the back pain is gone. I had flames of fire racing down my legs at night after work. I work retail and stand all day. As with sitting, it has its draw backs. 

Seven years of working with a trainer to be stretched several times a month has paid off. Just about everything I learned I can do at home. Then I see him once a month for a torture session. 

It’s all good!

Thank you for reading. #leeesketches #leeetravels.