I have been on a lifestyle change for about the months now. It started by meeting Bill Cortright in person. We had been chatting on a forum about health, fitness, food, etc for months before we met. That meeting changed my life, in oh, so many ways!

Ten moths later, my body fat is hovering about 26% β€” I am working to get it to 22%. My body fat started at 33% - clinically obese. Me, at 5’5”, 152 pounds, obese. I knew I was unhappy with where things were going. 

Age, menopause, diet and lack of enough exercise contributed. I was unhappy with my weightand lack of energy for sure but was unsure what to do about it. Enter Bill. This is one of those times that when the student is ready the teacher appears. 

I learned about my metabolism, what exercise I need, what to eat and what changes I needed to make to live a healthy life. I know do bio-identical hormones, these are wonderful! I eat a high protein, low carb diet and walk many miles a day. I have added meditation into my morning ritual to get me centered and started. 

More than a diet, it’s a lifestyle. In order to lose weight and get in shape you have to make it your lifestyle, a regular part of your life. 

Thank you for reading today! Enjoy #leeesketches #leeetravels