I am at an age in my life where the family elders are passing. I lost my mother about 14 months ago. Friends are seeing their parents pass. It is a hard thing, to realize that you are suddenly the oldest generation alive in your family and that you have no parents. 

The way I see it is that my mother is now with me all the time. Before, she was trapped in a failing human body that limited her. Now she is free and with me all the time. 

My mother went gradually so that I lost her over time. Our conversations waned as her dementia crept in and stole her mind. I was weened from these regular talks, which I still miss with all my heart. They are now one sided, though I can feel my mother with me. 

She is with her mother and my father’s mother - who passed when I was two. It was an amazing feeling to have the three of these wonderful women together again and as a strong force in my life now. They are guiding me, touching my soul and helping me reach out and help others. 

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