It’s spring for the owls in my neighborhood. Owl babies require a long time to grow up, so they are started in what we think of as winter. 

The other morning while walking the dog, the great horned owls were calling back and forth. A wonderful duet for the pre-dawn hours. I could hear their calls the entire time we were out, that is over a mile in distance from our house. 

The great horned were also being a bit of best for the western screech owl that lives on our back porch. About one am the owl was on top of the bedroom chimney hooting away, his calls echoing down the the fireplace into the bedroom. Not a bad way to be roused from a sleep. 

The next morning the little screech owl was hooting away with his bouncing ball calls in a tree near the house. I love this little gut. He’s cute, been hanging around for over three years now and is a super mouser. 

Last summer, when he was off raising his young - the female died, our mouse population soared and spread into the house. Eeew, I hate mice in the house. Around here they carry hantavirus and potentially plague. Between the damage and the cleaning, I am ever so thankful for my little resident owl. 

Thank you for reading today! Enjoy #leeesketches #leeetravels

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