It’s February, you made resolutions about six weeks ago— how are you doing with them? Have most of them fallen by the wayside? Joined the gym and not going? Has the junk food crept back into the house?

Time to get back at it and make the changes permanent. I find January a strange month. First it’s tax season for me, it’s the post holiday slump, I end up super busy with trade shows and teaching. 

February is a better month for me to start doing new things. Or even mid-summer when life feels a bit more stable. Winter weather messes with my eating; I get cold and want more food, usually more carbs, which really means I need more protein.

Get back at it, pick up that pen and draw again. 

Put the Fitbit back on, join a challenge and rack up the steps.

Clean out the pantry and get more health proteins back in your diet. 

Now I am off to defrost some chicken for dinner. 

Thank you for reading today! Enjoy

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