All of this eat well, be healthy thing - why? Because you can’t function if you are not healthy. Youhave no life if you are sick all the time. What fun is it to be in bed or stuck in the house unable to adventure? That is prison. 

By being healthy, which includes eating right, you are able to think, problem solve and be creative. We need everyone to be able to think clearly, positively and be creative. 

Creativity is in all of us. It’s a muscle that you need to take to the creativity gym daily. Children know this and do it. Somewhere along the line the creativity muscle falls into disuse except by a small percentage of the population who continue to visit the creativity gym. 

You have a creativity gym at home I’ll bet. A piece of paper and a pencil are all you need to get started. Easy isn’t it? 

Or a patch of soil that needs some flowers and lettuce planted in it that you will tend this summer. That counts as creativity!

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