We are, by nature omnivores. We should eat green plants, some fruits, veggies, and meat.  I wish I could eat a plant based diet, but the bulk of the grass family is no longer in my diet, legumes are right behind. That is a huge source of protein for most vegetarians. A grain and a legume eaten at the same time or fairly close together during the day make up a complete protein. Remove those from your diet along with eggs and your protein sources are very limited. 

My challenge is to mix up my food choices while staying within my lifestyle to keep my weight and body fat in check. I eat around the animal kingdom as much as possible, but seem to get stuck into the top three: chicken, beef and pork. I am adding fish in more frequently these days, though it is with caution because I am concerned about over fishing and pollution. Nuts are a huge source of protein for me as is cheese and whey.

Greens, love my greens. I eat almost a head of red leaf lettuce a day.  Eat your way around the color wheel. 

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