Less stress seems to be my mantra these days. 

I am all for eliminating as much stress from my life as possible. 

What can I make easier? 

What change in my daily routine will yield good results?

I recently made a change to my morning routine that has given me results I could not have imagined, so much so, my husband even commented on how relaxed I am these days. 

All I did was not renew my gym membership. Simple yet huge. 

I now work out at home daily. I try to get my hour morning walk in on weekdays. 

And, I still see my trainer at the gym once a month - to keep me on my toes!

I feel like I have gained an extra day in the morning. 

I get work done in the extra hour that has seemingly materialized in my life. 

It’s been an amazing change. 

What can you do to ease the stress in your life and perhaps give yourself an extra hour or two? 

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Enjoy your day. 

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