The time before a trip is sometimes the best. 

The anticipation, planning what the trip will entail.

Figuring out where you want to go

What you want to see. 

I used to plan every detail on a trip, timing and everything.

Now I just want to go somewhere different, absorb the area and sketch. 

I am no hurry to see everything and cover all the hot spots. 

Birding? I now want to park in a spot and see what comes to me rather than chasing. 

New town? Where can I sit and watch life move about me? 

Then I walk in the mornings mostly.

Seeing the town or area come to life. 

The pre-trip anticipation? 

The new places I get to walk, the birds I will hear and the sights I will see and sketch. 

Simple, but oh so fulfilling. 

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