The other day my husband, the scientist, mentioned that he had read an article about why shoe laces come untied.

My shoe laces have always done this and I have solved it by double tying the laces. 

Turns out that we, whose shoe laces undo themselves, are tied incorrectly! 

It needs to be a square knot!

For me this has entailed re-learning how to tie my shoe laces. 

It works, that’s for sure, tying your shoe laces in a square knot. 

No more doubling up of the knots. 

But it has disrupted the rhythm of the morning - having to stop and actually think about what I am doing when I put my shoes on! 

And make my fingers respond accordingly.

Try it, tie your shoes the opposite way you do it now. 

But only half of the knot. 

Work that brain!

What else needs doing a little differently to make it better? 

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