I talked about the mental attitude of not having enough time

This is about giving time it’s due to achieve your goals. 

First you have to allow yourself to have the time, mentally and physically

Know that it takes time to achieve a goal. 

As much as we want them to happen now, they don’t. 

If they happened over night, we wouldn't be ready,

We wouldn’t know how to handle the new normal

By taking time to achieve goals you grow into the new normal

And are able to handle the responsibilities that go with achieving the goal. 

Every goal has it’s positives and negatives. 

I am dealing with one right now: there is a goal I desperately want

Yet it isn’t happening. In fact it’s the opposite.

I have to stop wanting it because I get what I focus on -the wanting not the goal. 

The flip side of achieving that goal is that I know what the outcome will be and I am not ready for it either! 

“Infinite patience yields immediate results”

Patience and baby steps. 

Stop wanting and start doing.

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