I have two friends, both of whom are on the cusp of making major life changes. Both involve job changes, each with awesome potential. For one friend, who was debating on taking the new position that involves a cross country move and moving a high school aged child, events made it happen. He was surprised at how things fell into place for him. 

My other friend has a job offer that she couldn’t figure out if she should apply for or not. She’s happy in her current job and it’s secure (reasons to move - that’s a carpeted rut!) She was asked to apply for the position by the company. She has and we’ll see what happens for her. It could be very exciting!

Both of my friends were not expecting these opportunities, yet here they are, making changes that will lead them all on new adventures. 

Brain expanding, rewiring, all good for your brain, soul and life. 

Get out of your rut, especially if it’s carpeted. 

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