We’ve heard about the bee hives dying, complete hives dead 

Last year over 30% of the bee hives in US died. 

That terrifies me.

Pollination by hand is so tedious.

The penstemonin my yard are in bloom.

They have a wonderful honey scent.

I planted seeds 15 years ago, after we moved into the house and they have reseeded every year since then. 

The flowers have always attracted hundreds of bees.

So much I would worry about being stung if I bumped one of the flower stalks. 

The yard would drone with buzzing of the bees. 

A big bumble bee would lumber along, squeezing into the small pockets of goodness. 

This year there is hardly any bees. 

I counted one yesterday in the hour I was outside working. 

Our lives depend on bees and other pollinators.

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