The other day the Sugar Queen reared her ugly head, crown and all!

She snuck in and delivered two 3.6 ounce chocolate bars into my hands

They rapidly disappeared before I was aware of what had happened.

Over severn ounces, mostly milk chocolate in two short hours. 

The head ache that followed let me know what I had done. 

She and her friend sugar were banished the next day. 

For a full 24 hours before I allowed the merest hint of chocolate and sugar to pass my lips. 

Even then, it was restricted. 

For the headache came back super fast even with less than an ounce of 77% dark chocolate. 

Time to rest. 

Berries are starting to come into season. 

They are a nice treat after breakfast. 

In moderation.

Sugar Queen? I know she’ll sneak back one day, but not soon. 

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