I had to make a run to Costco the other day to pick up my new glasses. 

I am so hard on glasses, I get about a year and half out of a pair, which after 18 months have scratched and pitted lenses. 

As I was walking around Costco doing my shopping I was reflecting on how my husband and I do so well buying food there.
I apply the same principle at Costco as I do with most grocery stores: 

Shop the perimeter of the store, that’s where the fresh foods are found. 

The foods with simple ingredients. 

I buy meat, veggies, fruit, cheese and a few other assorted fresh items at Costco. 

We do get some frozen foods depending on the time of year and need. 

Plan ahead with a shopping list and be ready for a few surprises when you are at the store. 

Yes, it’s worth it for two people to shop Costco. 

The savings on my glasses alone are worth the membership fee. 

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