You must drink water!

Women you need about 3/4 of a gallon of water a day. 

That’s three quarts or liters if that works for you. 

Men, a gallon of water for you. 

Not all at once, just through out the day. 

Depending on where you live this is easy or a bit more difficult. 

I live in dry environment that tricks people from humid environments 

They think because they don’t feel themselves perspiring that they aren’t.

In the south in the summer, you know you are losing water. 

The southwest, not so much. 

So drink your water. 

I start out with my pint glass full first thing and try to down several of those before I eat breakfast - about three hours after I have gotten up. 

Keep filing that glass. 

At work, I have a liter water bottle that I try to fill up and empty at least twice a day.  

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